What can CBD bring to your fitness regime?

Date Posted... 17th Sep 2019




CBD has become a subject of great intrigue and interest in recent years. If you train on a regular basis, you’re prone to injuries, or you struggle to recover after working out, you may have heard people talking about the healing powers of CBD, but what exactly is CBD and how could it help you?

What is CBD? 

CBD is a type of cannabinoid known as cannabidiol. It is derived from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t have the same effects as other parts, including THC. This means that when you use CBD, you won’t experience the same high brought about by smoking marijuana.

CBD has the power to bind to receptors, which are found in your body, including those in the central nervous system. When CBD binds to certain receptors, most notably CB1 and CB2, a network known as the endocannabinoid system forms. The creation of this system has been proven to protect the body, and is particularly prominent in reducing stress, balancing the immune system and regulating the natural homeostatic environments within the body. 

How does CBD aid recovery? 

When you train, your body goes through a series of processes, which effectively break it down to subsequently build it back up to increase strength, stamina and endurance. After exercise, it’s very common to feel sore, and your body may also be prone to inflammation. CBD for sport helps to accelerate the recovery process and make you feel more comfortable. It does this by reducing inflammation, easing pain, and restoring the body’s natural balance. Research suggests that CBD affects the actions of cytokine and chemokine, which are linked to the production of T-cells. Increased T-cell production is an important part of the body’s anti-inflammatory response. 

Strenuous activities, such as lifting, can take their toll on the body, and many athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts are looking for ways to aid recovery and reduce the unpleasant symptoms that can arise following an intensive session. CBD recovery targets inflammation, and it can also help to alleviate pain and facilitate relaxation. CBD is also proven to have antispasmodic properties, which prevent muscle spasms. Spasms affect many athletes and can be a symptom of dehydration and nerve damage. 

The benefits of CBD for the joints

Everyone wants to train hard, but sometimes, aches, pains and injuries can affect your performance levels. Even the slightest knock or strain can delay progression. CBD in sport plays an increasingly important role in aiding efficient recovery and helping the body to bounce back after a strenuous session. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which are proven to reduce pain, and it can be more effective for your joints than supplements, which are designed to support healthy joint function. If you use CBD for bodybuilding, for example, you may find that your body heals quicker and that improves your performance on a continual basis. If you train when you’re not in peak condition, this can elevate the risk of injury, as well as affecting performance levels. With CBD, you can increase the chances of being in the best shape in preparation for your next training session or competition.

Additional CBD advantages in sport 

As well as helping to condition and protect the body, there is also evidence to suggest that CBD can help to ease stress and anxiety, which may play an instrumental role in preparing individuals for training or competition. Your mind has a significant influence on your performance on the pitch, field or court or in the gym or ring, and using CBD can help to prevent nervousness that could set you back. Some studies also claim that CBD has benefits for your sleep cycle. If you have trouble sleeping, this can affect both your physical and mental health and prevent you from fulfilling your potential. Check out our blog post on Sleep Cycles and how they affect your training.

The best way to consume CBD 

The most common way to consume CBD is through the use of CBD oil, but there are other way that you can take it. You can buy a range of CBD supplements, including CBD oil tinctures or oil capsules. When using the oil, a drop is usually placed under the tongue and held for a up to minute. But you can also add a few drops to your morning smoothie or your evening meal. When you do buy products, make sure you read the information and instructions carefully.

It also depends on the reason why you’re taking to CBD oil when trying to figure out the best way to take it. For example if you’re using it for anxiety or to aid with sleep, an oil or oil capsule will work great as they have a systemic effect (works on your whole body). But if you’re looking to aid specific joint pain or a bad back then a cream might be a better option for you.

Give CBD a chance! 

CBD is being used more and more commonly by those who train hard because of some of its great effects. It’s even often being used as an alternative to supplements because of its ability to accelerate the recovery process by targeting a number of issues that arise after your workouts. Reducing inflammation, protecting the immune system and helping to ease pain and prevent muscle soreness is just the icing on top of the cake. The benefits of CBD can be greatly beneficial to your fitness routine, even if it’s just to reduce your stress levels so your body can attack a workout without anything holding it back. Why not give it a try? Worst case scenario, your workouts and recovery are the same as before….