The King Of Boosting Libido

Date Posted... 20th Sep 2019




We’ll start this post by asking you to close your eyes and imagine this scene.

You’ve woken up on a beautiful Saturday morning, there’s no work to think about, and your missus is lying next to you with a smile on her face. You know that smile, you’ve seen it many times before, and it almost always means you’re in for a little fun. But, wait, what’s this? You don’t feel in the mood? No matter how hard you try, things just aren’t really working for you right now. Your missus is annoyed and has gone to the bathroom in a huff, and you’re lying there red-faced wondering why you just aren’t feeling it. 

Needless to say, this is not something any of us wants to experience, but it can happen to pretty much any guy. If you’ve gone through similar scenarios to this, then you’ve probably lost your libido. This is the technical term for your sex drive, and there are various causes of this sudden decrease in arousal. But don’t call the sex therapist just yet because the number one cause is low testosterone levels. Thankfully, the solution is simple; raise those T levels, and you’ll soon have your sex life back in full swing. 

The question is, how do you do this? 

Luckily for you, we’ve developed a clinically dosed testosterone booster that’s proven to help raise your testosterone levels and provide a much-needed boost to your libido.

It’s called King Test and is a natural supplement that can be taken like any other tablet, and might just be the best testosterone booster on the market. Just swish it down with water or a protein shake, and let these little pills do the magic.

The great thing about this product is that it works as a natural testosterone booster and increases free testosterone levels. So, if you’ve got a low number, you can take these tablets and watch them get larger and larger until you’re the ultimate alpha male who shatters mirrors just by looking at them. Okay, that’s going a bit too far, but you will see some incredible benefits from having boosted testosterone levels, with the main one being that your libido goes through the roof. This means no more awkward Saturday mornings with your wife/girlfriend, and it also means she’ll be much, much, happier too.

How does King Test boost your libido?

If you’re happy enough to buy a product after you read a short paragraph or two about someone’s supplement that claims to be the best testosterone booster around and can shoot your libido through the roof, then you’re an idiot. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is! Anyone can say anything, but there should be some facts and studies to prove what they’re saying.

With King Test, we only use a handful of ingredients at the correct clinical dosages – all of which are proven to increase libido, either by directly affecting your sex drive or boosting your testosterone. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what’s inside each King Test capsule and how it gives you a big old boost:

Vitamin D3 

Clearly, any type of vitamin is going to be good for you, and D3 does a lot of beneficial stuff. It can help you absorb calcium and phosphorus, which allows you to build big strong bones. Speaking of which, it also gives your testosterone levels a significant boost, which has a knock-on effect on your libido. Remember, the number one cause of a dead sex drive is a reduced level of testosterone. D3 has been proven in studies to lead to a rise in your T levels, which is good news all around.

D-Aspartic Acid 

We’ve included this ingredient as it has some pretty concrete evidence of the effects on testosterone. A study was taken of 23 men, and 20 of these men saw a 43% increase in testosterone levels after supplements DAA. After the study, these levels remained 22% higher than they used to be. So, another pretty impressive ingredient to boost your testosterone and improve your libido.

Maca Root Extract 

We really push this supplement as a brilliant libido booster, and this is mainly down to Maca Root Extract. This is the only ingredient that’s specifically included to target your sex drive. It has no effect on T levels, all it does is send your sex drive into overdrive. Studies have shown your libido can be boosted by as much as 40% when you take Maca.


Strap yourselves in because this ingredient gets real scientific. Essentially, ProLensis works on two fronts; it encourages the release of something called Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which directly stimulates testosterone release in your testicles. Then, it also gives your testicular cholesterol a lift, which helps create more testosterone. So much so that you can see an increase of 347%. As a bonus, some animal-based studies have shown it can work as an aphrodisiac too, making you very, very horny.


Lastly, we have KSM-66 which is clinically proven to increase testosterone by 17%, sperm concentration by 167% and sperm mobility by 57%. It also boosts semen volume by 53%…so….time to bring out the longer socks guys. Check out the study here ⬅️

Along with all of this, there’s black pepper extract which just helps absorb it all into your system with more effect.


So, is King Test the best libido booster around? We certainly think so!

It’s packed full of natural ingredients that either directly boost sex drive or cause a dramatic boost in your testosterone – which ultimately stimulates your libido even more. If you want to feel more sexually active and ready to be turned on at a moment’s notice (you never know when it might be go-time), then this is the supplement for you. Or, if your aren’t looking to specifically increase your sex drive, but want to gain the muscle-development benefits, then it’s excellent for that too.

You can order this testosterone supplement directly from our site, so feel free to check it out right now and add it to your basket. You’ll also find a little bit of additional product information, such as the dosages and so on. If you’re looking to avoid the embarrassing scenario laid out right at the beginning of this post, then it might be time for a libido booster.