The Best Pre-Workout – UK

Date Posted... 3rd Jan 2020




Are you looking for the best pre workout in the UK?

Pre workout supplements can give you more phenomenal workouts than you could ever imagine but with more brands than you can count flooding the market, finding the best product is hard. Especially as google search results are based on just about every factor other than anything to do with the actual product. We have tried most of them (not going to claim all, a new one seems to release everyday). Below are the pre workouts that we consider the best in the UK.

Cellucor C4 ULTIMATE

Cellucor C4 brand of pre workout has shipped over 1 million units and it is of the most consumed pre workouts on the planet. However, regular C4 would not normally make it onto a Muscle Rage Best Pre workout UK list but with C4 Ultimate, Cellucor did something different. They dropped all the rubbish fillers and low dosages in exchange for a very well balanced product that delivers good focus, energy and pump.

Chemix Pre Workout

Regular readers knew that Chemix would make our list. They claim that it is a science based pre workout and label backs this up. For the dosages shown they are very promising, however, this formula is let down by the fact that there is a 1323.5mg energy proprietary blend covering many of the ingredients. However, Brian, that designed this product is an actual chemist and claims that he does not want his work tarnished. Which is understandable with the number of Limitless clones popping up. Overall this product delivers great results.

Redcon 1 – Total War

Redcon 1 have blown up fast, part of that is due to the popularity of their pre workout Total War. Due to the sheer popularity of Total War, it must be mentioned on our best pre workout UK of 2019. In my personal opinion, the oldest OG version of Total War was the best, however, this newest version is a vast improvement on the last. It contains most, if not all dosages at the correct levels including 6g of Citrulline like C4 Ultimate and Limitless. It also contains AMPIblast for that added stimulant boost. Overall Redcon 1 Total War is a great all-round pre workout.

Chaos Crew – Bring The Chaos

The new kid on the block Chaos Crew comes out the gate with a hard-hitting pre workout. However, if you are sensitive to stimulants do not buy this product. But if stims is your middle name than Bring the Chaos may be for you, with Eria at a crazy dosage of 250mg. Chaos Crew delivers big pumps with 4g of Citrulline Malate and 100mg of Norvaline.

Muscle Rage – Limitless

Limitless obviously. We were never going to put another companies pre workout above ours on our own website – at least we’re honest! But this is because Muscle Rage Limitless is the best pre workout in the UK. Because there is NO proprietary blend, NO low dosages, just a totally transparent, balanced, kick-ass formula.

We included a huge 6g of citrulline malate as this is the proven dosage followed by the correct dosage of beta alanine. With just these 2 ingredients you can expect phenomenal pumps and an enhanced performance. For tunnel-like vision and laser focus, we added Alpha GPC which is the highest bioavailable source of choline, meaning it kicks in fast and effectively, giving you better focus and concentration. Alongside this you have N-Methyltyramine which is a stimulant and cognitive enhancer that causes the release of noradrenaline resulting in increased conentration. It also acts as an alpha-2 adrenoreceptor which increases the activity of adrenergic, dopaminergic and serotonergic neurotransmitters improving both mood and energy.

Then for a massive energy burst but with as little crash as possible, we developed a formula of stimulants containing Caffeine (250mg), Eria Jarensis (175mg), Di-Caffeine Malate (100mg) and Theobromine (75mg). By doing this we achieved not only a big surge, but a long lasting continuation of energy. It also hasn’t got that ‘hit a brick wall ending’ meaning no nasty crashes!

Lastly, Black Pepper Extract was added to help your body absorb the ingredients for maximum results.  Limitless is the best combination of focus, energy, pumps and endurance, making it the perfect pre workout.

Don’t believe us? Try the best pre workout supplement OR pick up a sample today and find out for yourself!