Taking Supplements Abroad

Date Posted... 14th Aug 2019




The life of a dedicated person or athlete requires a strong will and dedication to your end goal. This goal cannot be put on hold for a day and certainly not a week or a two-week holiday.   

However, if you think like most people, the thought of walking through an airport with tubs of white powder does not fill you with confidence. But the officers might be completely cool with it as they are humans that probably work out too! But equally, (especially country dependent) officers may not be cool, especially if you take your supplements out of their tub or package your supplements like explosive devices…  

Can you take supplements on a plane? 

Non-prescription medicines such as vitamins, herbs, and supplements are not classed as drugs so they will not need a letter of declaration from a doctor or other medical professional.  The amount being carried is considered reasonable personal use.

If you have checked luggage, this may be the best place to keep your supplements. As your suitcase has the most space, you don’t have to worry about suspicious looking powders in your hand luggage and it can’t slow down your security queue even further.

If you don’t have checked luggage or just want to carry it in your hand luggage then this fine as well, however, you may be asked to remove your supplements from your bag as you reach the security checkpoint and they may be tested. If for some reason your supplements are not in their packaging it is highly recommended that you clearly label your supplements to help speed up any issues or concerns that could be raised.

The above recommendations are not legal advice and are subject to change, they are also based on the UK. You should always seek information regarding the destination country as some supplements or ingredients may be illegal or legal from country to country. For example, Australia has very different laws in the UK regarding capsule supplements. So, it is always best to double-check.