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Date Posted... 5th Jan 2020




2020 is HERE and this means you’re probably looking in the mirror and checking your progress from he last 12 months. Things could be looking alright, BUT maybe they could be better….

As such, you’re already making a start to your new years resolution with more commitment to the gym and more focus on your goals. So, to make your new year’s resolution easier to stick to, we’re going to help you out with a few supplement suggestions that will kick off your 2020.

TIDAL – Natural Diuretic

Diuretic Supplement

TIDAL is one of our most popular supplements – especially for any guys who are competing in shows. It’s a natural diuretic, which essentially means it helps blast out all the excess water from your body. We’ve all been there; you’re eating clean, smashing out the cardio, but you just can’t get as shredded as you’d like.

Normally, this is due to water retention. Our bodies cling to water, which is why you might not look as defined as you want. TIDAL is packed full of natural ingredients like Dandelion Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Uva-Ursi, which are all proven to help reduce inflammation, lower water retention, reduce bloating and supercharge your fat burning metabolism. All of this results in a much more ripped version of yourself, with all the veins and muscle striations showing. If you’re bulking over the festive season and packing in the calories, Tidal is a great way to get your progress really showing.

Want to learn more? – Check TIDAL out here ⬅️

HYBRID BLACK – Fat Burner/Pre-Workout Catalyst

Pre Workout and Fat burning supplement

Hybrid is a supplement that combines two things in one package; fat burning and pre-workout. It is chock full of ingredients that have numerous qualities to give the desired effect. There’s capsaicin, which is the compound inside chillies that makes them really hot. When you take a supplement with this in, it puts your thermogenesis into overdrive and reduces your appetite. As a result, you eat less and burn more fat.

There are plenty of other ingredients as well, including Octopamine HCL, which gives you an energy boost while waking up your metabolic rate. The bottom line is that this is the ultimate supplement to get you right and ready for those early morning workouts in the cold days of January, while also ensuring you shred those Christmas layers.

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CRUCIAL – Advanced Creatine Formula

Tub of Creatine

CRUCIAL is our incredible creatine formula that will provide your body with an all-around workout boost. Numerous studies have shown how creatine affects the body including helping to produce more ATP energy to fuel your muscles during high intensity exercise and it is a supplement every lifter should take. You will see improvements in strength, enhanced recovery, and increased ATP production.

All in all, you’ll be noticing heavier lifts during your workouts – which ultimately results in more muscle breakdown leading to more significant muscle growth. Plus, you can work out more frequently with more intensity thanks to your improved recovery as well. Definitely something that will keep your training consistent and feeling powerful. If you’re someone who tends to get slightly demotivated after a few weeks of pushing really hard, this might be the extra shove you need to keep going.

Want to learn more? – Check CRUCIAL out here ⬅️

X – BCAA & EAA Formula

Tub of EAA & BCAA Formula

X is the supplement you need to drastically alter your recovery period. It uses a combination of EAAs and BCAAs to give your body the 9 amino acids you need to promote muscle growth and recovery. EAAs can help with testosterone boosting, which can also make this an excellent supplement for before or during your workouts as well. BCAAs are basically the building blocks of protein, and you’ll never see gains without them.

It’s 100% plant-based, includes zero sugar, and is free of any stimulants. Remember, your recovery is just as important as your workout, so start treating it that way with this supplement!

Want to learn more? – Check X out here ⬅️

Slin-Rx – Insulin Mimetic & Partitioning Agent

Tub of a Glucose Disposal Supplement

Our Slin-Rx supplement is all about controlling your insulin levels. It’s a highly effective glucose disposal agent that prevents your body from storing excess insulin in your fat cells. Often, this happens when you eat carbohydrates, and insulin is released in your body. When there’s too much of it, it gets stored as fat cells, which is why you can sometimes put on weight.

With Slin-Rx, you ensure that your carbs work for you and don’t make you gain fat. Your body enters a more anabolic environment, which means you have a better chance of piling on muscle mass or losing fat.

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Nattybol – Natural Muscle Builder

Tub of Laxogenin Capsules

Nattybol is the highly potent ingredient Laxogenin in a huge mega dosage of 105mg per capsule. Making it up to 4 times the value compared to competitors at 25mg per capsule. Laxogenin first gained attention after researchers noticed it was showing growth stimulating properties. After burrowing deeper, they realised that it actually has an anabolic/androgenic ratio very similar to Anavar, which is the most popular steroid of all time.

Whilst Laxogenin directly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, it simultaneously decreases protein breakdown and inhibiting the stress hormone, cortisol. Because of this Laxogenin helps create the ideal anabolic environment for improving body composition.

Nattybol isn’t as strong as Pro-Hormones or SARMs but if you wanted to take a more natural route, avoiding some of the negative side effects then this could definitely be the product for you!

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What are you waiting for? The new year is here, so get to making your resolutions become a reality! Everyone is going to be at different stages of their training routine so dependant on what results you are looking for at the start of 2020 is going to depend on what supplements you need. All of these supplements can be ordered via our website, and you can find more information on all the ingredients as well. Order your supplements for 2020 today and kick start your new year the right way!