Protein Spiking – The Dirty Little Secret

Date Posted... 25th Nov 2019




When you buy a tub of protein and it states 25g of protein per serving how many grams per scoop do you expect? 

25, of course, is everyone’s answer. The sad thing is sometimes this just isn’t the case and its more like 15g protein, plus 10g of filler. The worst bit is that it’s becoming more common.  

What is Protein Spiking?  

Amino Spiking a.k.a Protein Spiking is basically adding cheap amino acids into the protein powder to “increase” the overall content of protein without putting it on the label. Because if they were honest no one would buy it.

Why do some companies do it?  

Protein Spiking is done to cut costs at the expense of the consumer.

So it’s immoral, but is Amino Spiking illegal?  

I know what you are thinking, ‘surely the protein is tested by someone before it’s taken to market?’ A Nitrogen Content Test or NCT for short is used to test protein as a protein has a nitrogen-based bond, which of course Amino Acids do too! Meaning the results come back with flying colours. The FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration) clearly state that pure amino acid products cannot be declared as a source of protein. However, this is not followed by anything regarding adding extra amino’s to bump up the content. So in short, no. This currently is arguably legal.

Who has been caught doing this?

A LOT more companies that you would expect have been caught doing this. We are not going to name shame the companies, especially as it is extremely easy to find out via Google.

 How do I know if my protein has been protein spiked?

If it’s really cheap compared to other protein powders of a similar kind and size. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Another thing to look out for is if there is almost like silt that sits on the top of the rest of the liquid when shaken is often a good indicator.

Lastly if they have been caught doing it is probably the best indicator…

 Should you freak out and never buy protein ever again?

No. But we highly recommend that you research your protein or at the very least give it a google followed by the words amino spiking or protein spiking.