Laxogenin Lowdown

Date Posted... 3rd Aug 2019




Laxogenin is reasonably new in the world of supplements. We see it a lot when we’re researching different products, trying to decide what is best for us. But why is everyone raving about it and what changes should we expect to when we start using it?

In simple terms Laxogenin or 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin is a plant steroid. It is harvested from the rhizomes of the Smilaz Sieboldii plant, which is most commonly grown in East Asia and South and North America. Laxogenin first gained attention after researchers noticed it was showing growth stimulating properties. After burrowing deeper, they realised that it actually has an anabolic/androgenic ratio very similar to Anavar, which is the most popular steroid of all time.

 The scoop on Laxogenin and Building Muscle

There are 4 essential points about Laxogenin that will peak the interest of you sports fanatics out there:

  1. It is proven to increase protein synthesis by around 200%. This is in essence the process whereby biological cells generate new proteins. So, this will be happening nearly twice as much as usual with the help of Laxogenin.
  2. Laxogenin DOES NOT alter the user’s natural hormone balance, so say goodbye to all those cycle-supports or post-cycle supplements. When you take pro-hormones, your body senses a spike in androgen levels and shuts down its own production of testosterone. Laxogenin on the other hand doesn’t interfere with the endocrine system, meaning you will see no change in hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.
  3. Whilst Laxogenin directly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, it simultaneously decreases protein breakdown and inhibiting the stress hormone, cortisol. Because of this Laxogenin helps create the ideal anabolic environment for improving body composition.
  4. Finally, due to Laxogenin being 100% natural, it will not show up on a recreational drugs or anabolic drug screening. So, we can finally give our muscles the boost we need legally.
Other benefits of Laxogenin

Because Laxogenin doesn’t alter the user’s natural hormone balance, it means it can be utilised at key moments in your cycles. Stacking it with a PCT product could do a lot for your muscle mass. This is the time where you might see the most muscle wastage, so stacking a Laxogenin product during your PCT could mean you keep most of those valuable gains you worked so hard for.

There is yet to be any evidence to support negative side effects of Laxogenin. All of our customers who have used Laxogenin have not had any issues during the cycle even when taken along-side other supplements. So as a safe, side-effect free alternative to pro-hormones, Laxogenin is really storming the market.

Cycling, Dosages and Who Can Take It?

The best dosage of Laxogenin sits at around 100mg a day, although it can vary from person to person dependent on their desired goals. For example, a woman looking to gain minor muscle mass would take less than a man who’s in the bulking stages of their cycle.

So, if you’re looking to start cycling Laxogenin we would recommend starting at a lower dosage, around 75-100mg, and then increasing or decreasing dependant on the results you are seeing. One thing we have noticed with people cycling Laxogenin, is if taking a high dosage at once, the user can experience minor headaches. But splitting your dosages up, so taking half in the morning and then the other half at night, you should avoid this issue.

Cycling Laxogenin for a long period of time hasn’t shown or caused any negative effects that we have heard about or seen. Even so we would recommend the best way to take it is 12 weeks on, 4 weeks off. Everyone’s body will become more tolerant to a product the longer we take it, so it’s always good to give your body a break. This allows your body to recuperate and once again feel the initial changes more when we start a cycle.
Due to the fact it isn’t suppressant and makes no changes to your bodies hormonal balance, Laxogenin can be taken by anyone. It’s a great product for anyone who wants to stay away from pro-hormones but needs quick results.

To Conclude….

Laxogenin is a supplement that can be taken by anyone. It has so many benefits that it can slide right into anyone’s cycles to give an extra added boost wherever they need it. The benefit of not having to worry about post-cycle therapies and change in hormone levels is what makes this product great. Let’s get one thing straight, you are NOT going to get the level of pro-hormone like results with Laxogenin that you would get by taking Anavar for instance. But it is a close as you are going to get without any side-effects whatsoever through the cycle.

So to make your decision about Laxogenin easier you have two options. Either take Pro-Hormones and get big fast, but have all the added costs for your PCT products and experience all the lousy side-effects you are trying to avoid. OR bulk over an extended period of time but stay away from ALL the nasty side-effects and issues you might run into whilst taking pro-hormones.

Nattybol By Muscle Rage

Nattybol is our Laxogenin supplement, which is dosed at 105mg per capsule. There are 60 Laxogenin Capsules in the bottle, so dependent on dosage, can last up to two months. That is a great dosage compared to a lot of other products out there. Nattybol is quickly becoming one of our most popular products because it can be applied to so many different peoples training routines so easily. My personal experience with Nattybol, as a woman who trains 3-4 times a week and isn’t looking to put on major muscle mass, I saw a big change in my body over quite a small period of time. My endurance, and muscle mass definitely increased and allowed me to really take full advantage of my training times. The biggest plus for me is that it really did show results without stressing out my body too much. This gave me more motivation each day to get stronger and better.

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