Epicatechin | The Complete Guide 2021

Date Posted... 22nd Sep 2021





Epicatechin is an exciting natural muscle building supplement that is going to help increase strength and gains. Find out why Muscle Rage’s newest supplement could be what you need to take your training and progress to the next level.

What is Epicatechin?  

Epicatchein is a bioactive compound classed as a flavonol. A flavonol is a plant-based phytochemical which is found in food such as green tea and chocolate in the case of Epicatechin. Many sellers and articles will have you believe that epicatechin DIRECTLY impacts Myostatin, but this is NOT the case. Epicatechin helps increase Follistatin which then in turn helps reduce Myostatin.

What is Myostatin?

Myostatin is a myokine protein that regulates muscle growth throughout all stages of your life and is designed to stop your muscle growing out of control. Rarely people and animals can be born with a defective Myostatin gene which causes insane muscle growth. Checkout “wendy the bully whippet” below… As you can see below Wendy has ALL THE GAINS.

The Belgian Blue (Breed of Cow) also has a known myostatin gene mutation, constantly preventing the correct feedback loop of muscle growth and the mutation also interferes with fat deposition… Yes, that’s right, these cattle might just have the perfect bodybuilding genetics.

Interestingly the muscle growth of Belgian Blue is due to changes in the animal’s muscle fibres, instead of a lot of growth coming from hypertrophy (where muscle fibres increase in size) the growth comes from hyperplasia (growth of new muscle cells). {1} 

More Androgens. More Myostatin Problems.  

Myostatin increases in your body in the presence of androgens. Therefore, the greater dosage of an anabolic such as testosterone or trenbolone the greater the Myostatin. Your body does this to stop absolutely absurd rates of muscle growth. Look how quick someone can pack on mass when using an anabolic. Now imagine the results with no Myostatin in the way… {2}

A study proved that after 29 days of testosterone or trenbolone, myostatin protein levels were around 200% higher compared to placebo. {3} 

Flex Wheeler Potentially Had This

Allegedly, Flex Wheeler participated in a study which showed that he had an extremely rare myostatin mutation. This mutation would have caused him to have many more muscle fibres than an average person, allowing him to greatly pack on more muscle. {4} 

This makes you think….  Could this be what separates number 1 from the rest or even what separates the top 25 bodybuilders in the world from everyone else? Is that why Mr Olympia has been won by so few people? Because it’s the perfect formula of training, cardio, food, anabolics…….. and genetic mutations? As people like Ronnie Coleman have said they were 215lbs before they used any anabolic substances. I think it is safe to say most people Ronnie’s height don’t naturally sit at 215, even if they train!

Epicatechin for Everyone

Epicatechin can help benefit both natural lifters and enhanced lifters and is absolutely worth your consideration to help you achieve your goals. It is clear from the current scientific evidence that taking epicatechin whilst using anabolics, should allow you to gain even more. For the natural lifter, epicatechin should help you achieve more muscle mass than you could without it.

Epicatechin Dosage

“Epicatechin, has been identified to increase nitric oxide production, increase mitochondrial biogenesis, increase angiogenesis, decrease myostatin, increase follistatin, and increase exercise performance.” {5}

Many anecdotal reports and now studies show that Epicatechin can also give you awesome pumps by increasing nitric oxide. – “we show for the first time that intake levels as low as 0.5 mg/kg BW are capable of inducing acute improvements in vascular function.” [6]

Currently the best supported dosage for Epicatechin is around 200mg-300mg per day.

Our product Epi-Max contains 250mg of epicatechin per serving, along with 10mg of Bioperine for enhanced absorption. Making it an excellent choice to try Epicatechin to help with recovery, muscle mass and nitric oxide production. I personally love Epicatechin pre workout.