Muscle Rage Stock Swap Guarantee  


The Guarantee 


1.       Muscle Rage Ltd. guarantee that we will swap your lowest selling Muscle Rage products for your highest selling Muscle Rage products.  


2.       8 weeks after Muscle Rage Ltd. has received payment for your order you are eligible for the Stock Swap Guarantee. 


3.       A) You must notify Muscle Rage Ltd. in writing (E-Mail or Letter) no later than 2 business days after the 8-week date in order to claim this guarantee. Claims before or after this are not valid and are at the discretion of Muscle Rage Ltd. Additional payment may also be made by the purchaser to make up the balance to the maximum of one (1) product.  


B) After the claim has been made, the returned products must be dispatched by the purchaser within 5 business days. If the returned products are dispatched after this period, the claim will be invalidated.  


4.       Claims can only and exclusively be for the same value of the returned products. If the value of the claimed products is below the value of the returned products, the balance will be used for Muscle Rage Ltd. Merchandise and/or accessories;  


MR Funnel – £ 1.00

MR Shaker – £ 2.50

MR Lifting Straps – £  3.50


5.       A) Within the UK, the customer either organise the return or ask Muscle Rage to arrange the collection on Muscle Rage UPS Account. The return must be paid in full by the claimant and Muscle Rage Ltd takes no responsibility for partial or full payment of the return courier service.  Muscle Rage Ltd. is not obligated and will not make any payment for any additional taxes, tariffs or fee’s that may occur. Muscle Rage Ltd. will pay in full for the shipment of the swapped products to be sent to the customer, upon receiving the returned products.  


B) Any claims to Muscle Rage Ltd. outside of the UK can also be claimed but the claimant must pay in full for all shipping, taxes, tariffs and fees that may occur for both the returned products and the swapped products. 


6.       Muscle Rage Ltd. reserves to right to amend or remove, without notice section 5.  


7.       Returned products must be from exclusively from the order the claim relates to. Any product that was purchased in a different order will invalidate the claim for those returned products and invalidate any and all products within the same claim.  


8.       Invalidated Claim: When an invalidated claim occurs Muscle Rage Ltd is not obligated to and will not accept your claim. Muscle Rage Ltd. will also be passed all rights and full ownership of the returned products and will not be obligated to return them to you. If Muscle Rage at its discretion decides to sell the returned products back to you for a fee of £0.00 the purchaser must pay in full for the transportation of the outbound shipment to Muscle Rage Ltd. Before the shipment is dispatched. 

9. Muscle Rage Ltd reserves the right to amend, change, alter, rewrite, or remove the stock swap guarantee at its discretion.