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Date Posted... 12th May 2020


Sex is a part of life and if¬†you’re¬†reading this article¬†it’s¬†probably safe to say¬†you’re a fan. It has physiological and psychological¬†benefits, it feels great, oh¬†and it¬†just¬†creates¬†this¬†small thing called life¬†too…¬†What‚Äôs not to love? But sometimes,¬†through no fault of your own,¬†you just¬†can’t. You want to, your partner wants¬†to,¬†but you can’t.¬†Or they can‚Äôt. Not a fun feeling for anyone.¬†

Why should you try out VIBE? ūüĒ•

There are many things that might cause a droop, literally, in the bedroom and these include:

  • Stress ‚Äď Most likely factor… In 2019 we lead stressful lives. In 2020 we lead stressful lives with an ongoing pandemic.
  • Age ‚Äď As we age our sex drive¬†is going¬†to¬†drop,¬†particularly in men.¬†After peaking anywhere between 16-21, often¬†you will see¬†slow¬†declines.
  • Mental Health ‚Äď Depression and anxiety are known to reduce sex drive levels but a host other¬†conditions can have this effect.
  • Hormone manipulation ‚Äď Sometimes when using strong supplements or performance enhancing drugs your¬†sex drive levels can¬†skyrocket¬†or plummet. If the correct PCT isn‚Äôt completed this could cause problems in the bedroom.
  • That’s Just You – Sometimes that‚Äôs just the way it is. Maybe you have just always struggled to get in the mood and this isn‚Äôt uncommon!

Those are only 5 reasons of probably hundreds that can negatively impact sex drive and a lot of us dread having this problem, but it really does affect a lot of people. By 2022 the global drugs market just for erectile dysfunction (ED) will reach $5.18 Billion, most of which will be Viagra (or its generic alternatives). 

But there are¬†TWO¬†HUGE¬†PROBLEMS¬†with the ED market…¬†

  1. Women matter too! – Whilst of course¬†you¬†are not having the issue of getting it up, you¬†may be having other experiences which¬†this market obviously doesn‚Äôt cater too. No¬†problem,¬†right? Sadly wrong, the pharma companies have followed the money (good business model) and this has left a massive gap between progression of drugs and supplements to support¬†women’s¬†sex drive.¬†¬†
  2. Viagra May Not Fix It ‚ÄstDepending¬†on¬†what’s¬†causing your issue, it¬†might not work, or worse act as a placebo. You think you‚Äôve solved your problem and then¬†when your partner wants to go again… not so much.¬†Viagra is an amazing drug at what it does and can be highly effective but¬†it’s¬†not for everyone and doesn‚Äôt solve every problem.¬†¬†

Some of you may be getting to this point in the post thinking, I don’t have any issues, so I don’t think this is for me. But what if we told you it could optimise you and your partners sex drive as well as increase mood, stamina and performance?

We wanted to create a product that would do just that, not another failed Viagra copy that isn’t as good or just isn’t the right thing because that‚Äôs not your issue. We wanted to create a product that both men and women could enjoy and improve their sexual happiness.

VIBE is¬†a natural libido enhancement formula designed for men and women to¬†intensify;¬†mood, stamina and performance. Because of this it¬†isn’t¬†a product that is taken as a one off but¬†a single¬†serving each day¬†to help¬†increase and sustain your sexual happiness¬†over time.

VIBE isn’t about having great sex once. VIBE is about great sex.

Whether it’s for an indulgent m√©nage a moi (maybe don‚Äôt google it on a work computer), or to intensify the mattress mambo with your partner, this product is ideal for helping you on your way to sheet-tearing, lip biting moments.

The formula is natural and does not contain any drug or drug like ingredients and is also encapsulated within a vegetable capsule.

Check out the ingredients in more detail below to see what make this formula special! ūüíĮ‚§ĶÔłŹ

What's in VIBE? ūüćĎ

Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) Р100mcg  

Vitamin D is often dubbed the sex vitamin, which we normally receive from sun exposure. Several studies have linked a lack of Vitamin D to changes in your sex drive in both men and women. Low Vitamin D levels can cause low estrogen levels in women, which results in low sex drive. Low Vitamin D levels in men can cause low testosterone levels, which results in lower sex drive in men. We have included a dosage of 125mcg or 4000IU as this is the optimum dosage

Maca Root Powder (Lepidium Meyenii) Р500mg 

Maca Root aka Peruvian Ginseng was first given a description circa 1598 in Puru by Antonio Vazquez de Espinosa and has since been used for centuries as a traditional aphrodisiac for both sexes across the world. It has been reported that men with low testosterone levels, benefit the most from Maca supplementation and it may also aid fertility in men. You will also find thousands upon thousands of women that attest to Maca helping increase their sex drive.

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (seed) Р500mg  

Fenugreek originated from India and North Africa. In one first-centry A.D. recipe, the Romans flavored wine with fenugreek. But in 2011 a study published in ‚ÄúPhytotherapy¬†research‚ÄĚ suggested that supplements containing Fenugreek improved libido for 81% of men, with 63% of the, reporting an improvement in sexual performance.

Then in 2015 another study was done with 80 healthy women (also published in ‚ÄúPhytotherapy¬†research‚ÄĚ and suggested that the Fenugreek increases sexual cognition, arousal, sexual behavior, sexual drive and orgasm in women.

Byroviron Extract (Bryonia Laciniosa Ethanolic Seed) Р500mg 

Byroviron Extract is used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and pro-fertility ingredient. It works by increasing Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Testosterone.

Panax Ginseng Extract (root) Р500mg 

Panax Ginseng is a plant traditionally found in Asia and because of this is sometimes referred to as Chinese Ginseng or Asian Ginseng. The research done on Panax Ginseng has concluded that it may be an alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction, due to its key mechanism being associated with nitric oxide synthesis.¬† Essentially for both men and women, Panax Ginseng makes sure that your body is warm in all the right places…

VIBE is a product for EVERYONE. Let baby boomer gen v2 begin. ūüėČ