Testosterone Boosters | A Comprehensive Guide 2020

Date Posted... 17th Jun 2020


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and anabolic steroid. In men it is vital to the development of the reproductive system and secondary characteristics such as muscle mass, bone density and body hair growth.
Why do we need to boost Testosterone?

Sadly,¬†our testosterone production is at¬†its¬†natural peak between 16-21 years of age, when we are all too¬†busy¬†to¬†realiSe¬†this is our one¬†unassisted window of¬†opportunity¬†to pack on¬†a silly amount of¬†mass. Then, after about the age of 25, testosterone levels really start to decline and by the time you get to retirement they can be almost gone completely. This causes you to miss out on the huge list of benefits testosterone has to offer.¬†The¬†NHS have said that; men in their 30s can expect to experience a 2 per cent drop in their¬†Testosterone levels each a year… No wonder 100kg used to feel lighter, right?¬†Added to this being overweight, stressed or using certain medications such as opiates can cause larger decreases in testosterone levels for both the short and¬†long term,¬†depending¬†on dosage and length of use.

The bigger question… Do they work?

Yes. There are many testosterone boosters on the market today which contain many scientifically proven ingredients at scientifically proven dosages to boost testosterone levels in men. However, as always with the supplement industry there are the same number or more products that do NOT effectively boost testosterone due to the dosages being too low or just using poor, unproven ingredients that accountants love but consumers should hate.

What’s the difference between testosterone boosters and steroids/injecting testosterone?

Testosterone boosters can help boost your testosterone levels to their maximum natural levels. Whereas when injecting steroids it replaces testosterone artificially so much higher than natural levels can easily be achieved.

If you are not looking to go down the steroid route and would prefer to stay natural, then making sure your testosterone levels are at their optimum is vital to your success.

Do testosterone boosters have side effects like steroids?

No they shouldn’t. Testosterone boosters are not strong enough to cause side effects like steroids and because of this are safe supplements.

Can you continuously run testosterone boosters?

There is no reason why you cannot continuously take testosterone boosters. However, we always recommend a break from all supplements (excluding health supplements) every 12 weeks. Don’t be fooled by companies saying that their generic DAA can only be used for 14 days. However, it is important to note that DHEA based supplements or other pro hormones are NOT testosterone boosters and should be followed by a PCT.


KSM-66 is the by far the superior version of the ingredient Ashwagandha and it isn’t expensive either, it is proven to increase testosterone levels by 17% as well as improve muscle mass. For more information check out these studies on KSM-66: Study 1, Study 2.

OPTIMUM DOSAGE: 750-1250MG (0.75 Р1.25G) PER DAY. 

Tribulus Terrestris

Again, most research on Tribulus Terrestris is animal based however one study on men for 90 days did show can increase in testosterone of 16%. However, like all of the ingredients it has been shown that people with already high testosterone levels/younger athletes, no increase occurs. 

OPTIMUM DOSAGE: 500-1500MG (0.5 Р1.5G) PER DAY. 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is not an exciting ingredient nor will it ever be the most powerful… But in a year long study, men consuming 3300iU of Vitamin D3 daily had increased¬†testosterone levels by 20%.


D-Aspartic Acid

One study in healthy men aged 27‚Äď37 examined the effects of taking D-aspartic acid supplement for 13 days and found that 20 out of the 23 men taking D-aspartic acid had higher testosterone levels at the end of the study, with an average increase of 42%. Find the study here.

Another study was examined for longer than a month. They found when men aged 27‚Äď43 took supplements of D-aspartic acid for 90¬†days, they experienced a 30‚Äď60% increase in testosterone. Find this study here.

It is worth mentioning that more studies are now coming out to show that when used at 6g a day (double the optimum) or when used by men with high testosterone levels, DAA can actually be counter productive.


Pro Lensis (Bulbine Natalensis)

Pro Lensis is the patented and best version of Bulbine Natalensis. The downside of Bulbine Natalensis is that all of the quality data is based on rats. The plus side is there is quality data on rats, which can then be applied to humans; Study 1, Study 2, Study 3. You will also find thousands of users online advocating what the research suggests, which is large increases in testosterone, luteinizing hormone and sex drive.

OPTIMUM DOSAGE: 500-1000MG (0.5 Р1G) PER DAY. 


Fenugreek is another herb-based testosterone booster. One study was conducted with 30 men who weight trained 4 times per week and took 500mg of fenugreek per day. The results showed an increase in testosterone as well as decreased fat and increased muscle mass. Check it out here.

Another study with 60 men aged between 25 and 52 years of age and the men taking 600mg of fenugreek per day achieved the following:

Increased libido: 81% of the group 

Improved sexual performance: 66% of the group 

Greater energy levels: 81% of the group 

Improved well-being: 55% of the group 

OPTIMUM DOSAGE: 500-600MG (0.5 –¬†0.6G) PER DAY.¬†

What about Anti Estrogens?

Anto Estrogen¬†ingredients¬†often make their way into testosterone or¬†PCT products as reduced estrogen can help decrease water weight, speed up fat loss and make it easier for your body to build muscle. You never want to lower estrogen to zero as that could cause a whole host of issues, but most ingredients contained within testosterone boosters are not powerful enough to do this.¬†We will follow this with another article on Anti Estrogen‚Äôs as they¬†deserve their own blog not just a side note…

What are the best testosterone boosters on the market?

King Test ‚Äď Muscle Rage¬†¬†

We firmly believe that King Test is the most effective testosterone booster on the market to date. Combining¬†the most proven ingredients, just¬†look at the panel and¬†you’ll¬†see why…

Apex Male ‚Äď Blackstone Labs¬†

Credit where credit is due, Blackstone Labs brought out Apex Male before everyone else upped their testosterone boosting game. Apex Male was the first truly comprehensive formula compared to everything else on the market at the time and for that Apex Male always has our respect.

Boom Stick ‚Äď Redcon-1¬†

Just a great all-round testosterone booster, featuring multiple of the ingredients we mentioned. They don’t use KSM-66 but the non-prop formula is solid.

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