Pure | Fruits and greens with all the flavour!

Date Posted... 10th May 2020


Fruit and Vegetables are vital for your health. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a whole load of other micronutrients that your body needs in order to be in peak condition to burn fat, build muscle and just about every other process your body does daily. We all already know this and yet most of us struggle to get what we need into our diets. Even 5 a day isn’t enough` but it’s an achievable target that helps us feel like we are doing everything we can to keep our bodies fuelled. With Pure, you’ll be able to make 10 a day feel like a breeze.

The problem is they are not the best tasting types of foods which make it tempting to avoid them altogether. Especially when there are more snacks out there that are tastier and cost far less in the supermarket. Some of you reading this are thinking but I don’t eat junk food? No, but when was the last time you went above and beyond your 5 a day with a big smile on your face? Let’s face it,  the taste of fruit and veg isn’t ever going to be as good as that chocolate bar you’ve been keeping for later!

Added to this to get all the optimum vitamin and minerals you would have to consume a whole range of fruit and vegetables that your fruit bowl and salad box just isn’t going to be big enough for…  Especially after a muscle food delivery.

To summarise Fruit & Veg is vital for health and performance but we don’t consume enough or a broad enough range and are often put off by the taste. But what if there was an alternative that allowed you to make this much easier, tasted great and was packed into an 83p serving?

PURE is a comprehensive Fruits & Greens formula to help you feel as good as your progress looks and most importantly help give you those crucial micronutrient to take training to the limitless levels. For the first time you will refreshingly enjoy your vegetables, as PURE might just be one Muscle Rage’s best flavors yet. Available in 30 delicious servings of Kiwi Strawberry, the taste of the summer.

Unlike Fruits & Greens formulas of the past, with PURE you should experience no clumping, no chalky texture and most importantly NO SUGAR. We feel as a health supplement keeping sugar low is KEY! PURE is only micronised fruits, vegetables, fiber, minerals and antioxidants.

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