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The Cutting Stack is everything you need to get your bod beach ready. 

The Cutting Stack is an advanced blend of our cutting-edge fat burning products. That allows you to attack fat stores from multiple angles. Not just whilst you’re in the gym, but all day long.  

Lipodrol is the most potent thermogenic fat burner to date, causing extreme heat and most importantly results. Packed with scientifically backed ingredients as well as cutting edge patented ingredients such as Infinergy ™, Lean GBB® and Paradoxine™ for optimum results. Lipodrol help’s remove stubborn fat through a faster metabolic rate, suppressed appetite, increased body temperature, improved thyroid function and increased fat mobility. 

You will feel the heat and probably have never sweat like it. Do not take it just before work…  

Slin Rx is a potent insulin mimetic and GDA supplement for maximum insulin utilization, insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Slin Rx is probably the most important supplement you are not taking. You need carbohydrates to both build muscle and burn fat. Many people try to stay away from carbohydrates and because of this use unhealthy diets as they believe that too many carbs will result in putting on body fat. Whilst that is true, it is not always the case. Slin-Rx will make sure that when consuming carbohydrate meals, your insulin will not oversaturate the muscle or fat cells. Causing your body to be in a more anabolic environment with every meal. 

Tidal is an all-natural but extremely potent diuretic supplement that will eliminate the top layer of water blurring away your hard-earned definition. Tidal works to help flush your body of excess water, leading to that rock-hard physique you’ve been looking for! Making this a perfect natural diuretic supplement for everyone. Tidal can be the difference between looking great and phenomenal. 

Suggest Use

Lipodrol: Due to extreme potency, it is recommended users start with 1 capsule per day. As a dietary supplement, take one to three (1-3) capsules daily. For best results take all 3 capsules 30 minutes before a workout. 

Slin Rx: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules with a high carbohydrate meal. Twice daily. Do not exceed 8 capsules daily. 

Tidal: As a dietary supplement take 1 serving (4 capsules) per day for 14 days. Do not use for more than 14 days at a time. Take a 2 week break between cycles of TIDAL. Because of this you should use TIDAL in the final 2 weeks of your cut. 



Serving Size: 3 Capsules 

Servings Per Container: 30 

Devil’s Horsewhip – 200mg 

Infinergy (DiCaffeine Malate) – 100mg 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 100mg 

Paradoxine – 60mg 

Lean GBB – 50mg 

Deng Zao Cao – 50mg 

N-Coumaroyldopamine – 10mg 

Black Pepper Extract – 5mg 

3,3 Diodothyronine – 200mcg 

Slin Rx

Serving Size: 4 Capsules 

Servings Per Container: 60 

Amounts Per Serving: 

Gymnema Leaf Extract – 1000mg 

Cinnamon Bark Extract – 500mg 

Berberine HCL – 300mg 

Sodium R-Lipoate – 200mg 

Apple Cider Vinegar – 125mg 

Banaba Leaf Extract – 60mg 

Black Pepper Extract (Standard 95% Piperine) – 5mg 



Serving Size: 4 Capsules 

Servings Per Container: 14 

Amount Per Serving: 

Dandelion Root Extract – 750mg 

Uva-Ursi – 750mg 

Horsetail Extract – 500mg 

Goldenrod – 450mg 

Green Tea Extract – 100mg