Why You Should Be Using A Booty Band!

Date Posted... 8th Aug 2019


Exercise & Fitness


It’s not a secret that women everywhere want a booty that’ll pop.

Confidence is a big deal and body confidence in particular is so hard to come by these days. However, when you workout, eat right and feel full of energy, that confidence builds up and up, giving you the drive to get more out of your health. If you want to tone and lift your booty right up, you need to consider the workouts that can support that goal. You can’t really ‘spot reduce’ areas of the body to change, but you can use different exercises and equipment to make your glute workout count. One of the ways that you can do this, is with the use of Booty bands.



Why You Should Be Using Them 

Resistance bands add a little something more to your workout. It’s like being able to train your glutes in a way that squats can’t quite touch. When you use butt bands with your workout, you increase activation of the muscles in your butt and this happens in a dramatic way. You can target the muscles and give them a healthy burn, which is what you want from a workout. 

Physical therapists regularly advise using resistance bands in a workout because of how effective they are in supporting the muscles. Even if you are just starting out in the workout world, you should invest in a set of booty bands. You can learn to establish a better butt through targeted exercise, and they’re mobile, so wherever you go, you can bring your booty bands with you. Plus, you get the added bonus of a booty that’ll make your shorts look SO good!

You want a lifted, sculpted booty, and you want to get it quickly, but you’re new to using resistance bands. When you start using them, your glutes will burn and that’s not an exaggeration. Be prepared for a glute workout that’ll make you feel like you can’t sit down, because when it comes to a booty workout, ‘no pain, no gain’ really means something. Remember the burn is good, because it means you’re activating and using the muscles in your butt. 

How To Use Booty Bands 

Incorporating booty bands into your butt workout will increase your results quicker and more effectively. There’s no better way to add an extra stability to your glute workout than with booty bands. Below, you’ll find some of the most effective ways to use your booty bands for a good gluteal burn: 

  • Band Walks. So simple and yet so effective! Band walks involves using a mini resistance band around your ankles and shuffling back and forth sideways to achieve a great burn in the sides of your butt. If you dip into a mini squat as you shuffle, your butt is going to get that burn you’re looking for. 
  • Clamshells. You may not have heard of this nifty little exercise, but you should look into it. You may have heard of the classic ‘hip dip’ – a phrase most women curl their lip at, and clamshells can help you to reduce this. You can feel them working when you lay on one side and have a resistance band around your knees. Lifting the knee up against the booty band can increase the effectiveness of getting rid of those ‘hip dips’ 
  • Squats. The mother of all glute workouts has been – and always will be – the humble squats. Adding a booty band when you’re doing squats is great for increasing that booty burn and enhancing that glute lift. 
  • Hip Abductors. We’ve just talked about filling out those hip dips, and this is the exercise that makes that happen. Adding a butt band around your legs and stepping out to the side, lifting your leg as you go can help you to tone the sides of the butt – or the ‘abductors’. 

Which Ones To Get? 

Where it comes to working out with your butt bands, you need to consider putting them over leggings or workout clothes and not on your bare skin. There’s something uncomfortable about having what is essentially a large rubber band stretching against the skin. You should also do your research before you buy – you don’t want booty bands that are poor quality and will snap. All that’ll do is knock your confidence and make you realise that you spent your money for nothing. The classic Booty Bands have a material layer on them, stopping it from rubbing on your skin. 

As with any workout, you need to pace yourself. Booty bands are great, but no one wants to be overworking those glutes and unable to sit down for days at a time. Regardless of your intentions when you start a workout, you need to go at a pace that suits you. Be strategic about your booty workout and go for two to three times a week. You need to be able to use your butt to sit, walk and stand without wincing, and you also need to learn to rest large muscle groups in between workouts. 

Booty bands are the right investment for your fitness goals, so what are you waiting for?