How Will Breast Implants Affect Your Fitness Routine?

Date Posted... 17th Oct 2019


Many women who choose to have a breast augmentation procedure like to keep fit. If you’re thinking of having implants, or you’ve recently had surgery, and you’re a fitness fan, you may be wondering how surgery will affect your ability to work out.

The relationship between fake boobs and exercise is particularly important for those who enjoy lifting weights and undertaking strenuous, intensive exercise as part of their fitness regime. This guide will provide detailed information about training with breast implants and some tips to help you choose the best exercises.

Recovering after surgery

Any form of surgical procedure puts the body under strain, and it’s crucial to allow time for the body to heal. If you try and push yourself too soon, you may find that there is an increased risk of complications. You may also end up prolonging the recovery time. Every doctor is different, but the vast majority will recommend a period of downtime after your procedure. Typically, this involves doing very little for the first few days after surgery. At this time, you may be tired, your body might be sore, and there’s likely to be bruising and swelling. As your body heals, you can start to do more. You might find that it takes up to 2 weeks for your energy levels to return to normal, and during this first stage of recovery, it is best to avoid anything too strenuous in terms of exercise. Light cardio activities, like walking or using an exercise bike are fine, but don’t push yourself with anything more intensive. For the first four weeks, most surgeons will advise against any form of fitness that involves the pectoral muscles.

Is it safe to train the chest after breast augmentation?

There’s a great deal of debate surrounding the safety of training with fake boobs. Some doctors advise against strenuous activity that targets the chest directly, while others believe that training the chest is fine if the implant is placed over the muscle. When you have breast augmentation, there are different techniques that can be used, and the advice you receive about training with implants may vary according to the placement of the implant. If the implant is positioned under the pectoral muscle, you may be advised to go steady when it comes to chest training.

Timing is key when considering the safety of training the chest after a boob job. It’s highly likely that your doctor will advise you against doing anything that actively targets the muscles in the chest for a prolonged period of time. Eventually, the pectoral muscles will become stronger, but this can take several weeks. Your doctor will recommend regular check-ups, and they will be able to give you advice about lifting with fake boobs based on the kind of procedure you have had, and the rate your body recovers.

Choosing the right exercises after surgery

After surgery, it’s vital to make the right choices when it comes to the type of exercise you do. For the first few weeks, you’ll be advised to stick to very gentle exercises, such as walking. As you get stronger, you can start to increase the intensity, but be careful about which areas of the body you work. Opt for lower body workouts and mild to moderate cardio, and avoid jumping, bouncing, and running at this stage. Doctors usually recommend waiting up to 12 weeks to start lifting again.

Exercises to avoid and potential complications of working out with implants

When you have implants, there are risks associated with training, especially during the first 8 weeks. If you train too soon, or you attempt exercises that put the chest under strain, this can cause complications. The implants can shift out of position, and they may also become misshapen. Listen to your doctor’s advice and take it slow. It’s better to wait a little longer to get back to your fitness regime than to end up needing further surgery and having to take even more time off. Exercises to avoid include the decline bench press and fly exercises.

If you’re thinking of having implants, or you’re on the road to recovery, hopefully, this guide has given you some useful information about training with fake boobs. It’s not impossible to get stuck into a fitness regime, but it’s essential to allow your body time to heal and adjust.