5 Tips To Build A Godly Upper Chest

Date Posted... 27th Jun 2019


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There are some people that have a chest that pops off the collar bone and screams “I train hard in a V neck” from just doing a few push ups, decline press and incline flys. Meanwhile there are the rest of us that unfortunately do not have those genetics. Here are our 5 top tips to building the upper chest of a god.

1. Start with a Multi Joint Incline Chest Exercise.

At the start of your workout you are at your strongest, your gym playlist is yet to feel old and your pre workout is in full effect. Therefore, you are going to be able to push more weight or more reps than you normally would, having done this exercise later on in your session. So you want to make sure you’re starting chest day with an exercise like an incline chest press so you’re using your most powerful moment in the gym to tackle that upper chest. 

2. Reverse Grip Bench Press. 

Boy, I haven’t seen many people do these in a while. Put your bench back flat, reverse grip the barbell and do your bench press. You don’t always have to change the angel to get a better workout on your chest, just by reversing the grip you’re putting less work into your shoulder and will utilise more from your upper chest and triceps.  You’ll want to make sure the bar is resting on your palms correctly so you’re not putting unnecessary strain on your wrists. Look to have it resting at the chunky part of your thumb across your palms almost to the base of your pinky finger (It might be good to have a spotter the first couple of times you try this just incase you feel you need to adjust your grip). 

3. Go past failure.  

A lot of the time we drop the weight once we have hit the target number that was in our head 30 seconds prior. Whilst that is great on some sets (warm up sets), when trying to take things to the next level you are going to have to go further than that. If you feel you can get another 5 out once you hit 10 then go for it. Or turn it into a rest pause set… Equally you can add in Negative Reps, Forced Reps or Dropsets for extra intensity and to take the muscle far beyond what it is used to.  

Negative Reps - Where a partner provides assistance by helping you to lift the weight or completely lifting the weight, then yourself taking a full 5 (or more) seconds to lower it for as many reps as you can. This technique often works best with barbells.  

Forced Reps - Once you cannot do a single rep by yourself a partner helps you with a small amount of assistance so you can continue for a few extra reps. 

Dropsets - Once you cannot do a single rep with the weight you selected, reduce the weight and go again. You can do this once in a row or as many times as you like in a row. For example with shoulder lateral raises you may do 15kg for 10, 10kg for 8, 6kg for 8, 5kg for 5.   

Maybe a good pre-workout might be able to give you that little bit of extra motivation to get that final rep out. Muscle Rage’s Limitless is the perfect product to help unleash Beast Mode!!

4.  Don’t fully lock out. 

We know it’s all too tempting to lock your arms out during a lift offering just the briefest moments of rest for your muscles. But that temptation will not be good for your elbows. When doing a pressing moment do not lock out your elbows, stop just before – about 5-10 degrees before. This is going to allow two things to happen; Firstly, your elbows will be slightly less worn in months and years to come, which you will very much appreciate, I promise.  Secondly you will be constantly putting tension on the chest, which of course will help lead to more growth. That why we’re all here at the end of the day, right?  

5. Incline Bench Cable Fly

This is by far one of my favourite chest exercises. Why? Because it is so hard, your chest has no other muscles to hide behind and utilise, meaning it is usually completely toasted after this exercise. The cables allow a huge range of motion and offer constant resistance both when you’re pushing forward as well as on the way back, meaning you are utilising the muscle the whole way through the lift. If you had a scoop of  NOS BOMB before this get ready to be impressed by the mirror #lookinglikegooglemaps