Muscle Rage was founded in 2013 to help Men and Women around the world achieve their goals no matter what level of expertise they have in fitness. Whether you are someone who is looking to improve your health and fitness or someone who is edging for that IFBB Pro Card, we have created a range of high-quality supplements that will help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.


Until late 2015 Muscle Rage worked with well-known supplement brands offering UK & EU distribution for both wholesale and retail customers. Working with these brands we developed an in-depth knowledge of the supplement industry and ingredient blends that pushed us towards introducing our own range of products.


Today we have a wide range of our own products varying from hardcore supplements aimed to those who are heavy into their bodybuilding, all the way to 100% natural products which are aimed towards your average gym goer who wants to see better results. Here at Muscle Rage we pride ourselves on the innovation of our products. We want to grow with the consumer by making sure we are giving them the best quality products. As with all of our supplements we follow a no prop blend policy with all ingredients at the clinical dosages. So, you know when you buy from Muscle Rage, you can be confident that you understand exactly what it is you are taking.


At Muscle Rage a customer is not just a number with a credit card, we believe in delivering a top-quality customer service regardless of if you just want to feel more confident in the way you look or are seeking bigger and better things in the bodybuilding world. We offer the most premium products to our all our customer throughout the world because we WANT to help YOU achieve your goals. Making sure our customers are happy is our main aim, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries.


Our products are not just for bodybuilders, whatever your sport, whatever your goal, we will have something that can help you!